Monday, August 18, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - Review

So here's a more recent movie currently knocking it out of the park in theaters. Another big Marvel franchise starting up, and doing so with as much fun and wizbang as any other movie this summer.

The story centers around Star Lord, a self nicknamed scoundrel in the Indiana Jones and Han Solo mold. There's a magic McGuffin, an evil overlord working for an even more evil overlord. There are family rivalries, hidden family connections, revenge, comic style violence, self sacrifice and a huge battle during the climax of the movie.

What I liked most about this movie was the tone. Very light and fun the whole time. Star Lord dances, a lot.

It's great all around, but I wouldn't exactly say it's for everyone. If you are into the slow well acted dramas you might not get much out of this movie, but for everyone else who likes the big summer blockbuster or is into the Marvel Universe at all this is probably the best movie all year. Captain America: Winter Soldier and X-Men: DoFP are also good entries, more serious.


  1. Lol Suzan, I try to keep 'em short and positive. My little 'screw you' to all the long winded negativity on the webs. So character overviews got nixed.

    You are my only comment, ever. I don't usually link my little page. I had another one called ZeroFPS where I did quick takes on media, much like here, but I garnered so many trolls I just shut it down. Figure I'll use the name ZeroFPS for my publishing company whenever I get around to it.

    Anyway, ramble ramble. Rocket is awesome. Groot for the win though, love that guy.


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