Friday, September 5, 2014

Falling Free - Book Review

4 arms!
Falling Free by Lois McMaster Bujold is easily one of the best science fiction stories ever written. I read it at least once a year if not more.

The basic set up of the book is that a galactic corporation has created a race of 4 armed people, with no legs, who are built to function exclusively in zero gravity environments. Themes of love, slavery and freedom permeate throughout the story.

I can't speak too much about it without giving away too much. It's an 'idea' story with strong characters, so giving away the ideas it is based on can ruin the experience.

I recommend this one for ANYONE AND EVERYONE. It is very approachable even for people who aren't that interested in science fiction. I recently loaned my beat up copy to a friend who reads mostly nonfiction broken up by the occasional best seller, she loved it. I can't think of any group of readers that might be disappointed in this one. Many of my favorite books do not have such a broad appeal, science fiction can be that way sometimes, but this book does not suffer from that.

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