Friday, March 20, 2015

Back to Writing. About Time!

I hit a funky health road block over the last couple of months but am now back to writing like a fiend. I'm putting together the sequel to my first novel. It's all written in my head I just need to get my little fingers going! It's about superheroes. The first is called Ms. Marathon: Earth's First Superhero. The sequel is Ms. Marathon #2: Bay City Defenders.

Sounds pretty cheese ball? You have no idea. One of the main characters is a talking submarine named after General Patton, nickname of 'Patty'.

When I get the series done I'll release it in all formats. I want to have it finished first and release all at once. I dunno about you but I HATE waiting forever for a series to end. This one will only be 2 books long so that's easy peasy.

After that I have a fantasy novel, about half done, that looks to be turning into a real girl power story even though I try to avoid those kinds of politics.

Yeah, so full steam ahead.

Go check out Dean Wesley Smith's website if you want to see a guy who really knows how to stick to it and keep grinding. He's on a little break now, but getting back to it after a break is pretty hard. Watch him come out swinging in the next week or so. He'll leave you feeling lazy, for sure.

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