Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cyclops: Starstruck - Comics Review

Young Cyclops and His Dad
About half of what I read are comics, I read at least one trade a week. This one is the best I've read this year. It starts off with a young Cyclops being miffed about how crappy his adult self has turned out, so he reconnects with his father, Corsair, and they go off a swash buckling together.

The strength of this story is in the father-son relationship between Corsair and Cyclops. Of course it's a space opera adventure, but the powerful parts are the quiet moments where a boy is learning from his dad, trying to impress him.

I recommend this one to any comic book fan, it has a very broad appeal. Know that it's not a huge epic cross over story, like Civil War or Infinity Gauntlet, but rather it's a smaller tale of father and son. Low key.

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  1. Something I need to check out. I've always liked Corsair. He's someone who understood you can't always go back home, but he made the most of his current situation.


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