Sunday, March 1, 2015

Whiplash - Movie Review

Pretty big arms for a band geek.
Can't gush about this movie enough. I thought I wasn't going to be into it since I have been a jazz drummer, a pretty good one too. But this movie more than pulled it off. Even if you are a jazz drummer Miles Teller did well enough 'faking' it that you were never pulled out of the narrative.

The story itself is a timeless one, old mean dog riding the young pup hard enough that he either fails or sails.

The actors in this film were nominated for all kinds of awards and they earned each and every nomination. Just a really great performance from all the players.

I give this film a high recommend for any movie fan and it's a must see for music lovers and the beer sniffing snobby types who get excited for 'important' films.

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