Sunday, June 28, 2015

Anything Good?

Has anyone read anything mind blowing, maybe something just 'good'?

I'm in a bit of a dry spell. The last 2 novels I've read have not been my cup of tea.

Leave some recommends in the comments if you'd like.


  1. If you like mystery, Harry Bingham's Fiona Griffith series beginning with Talking to the Dead is quite unlike any other. The writing is top-knotch, and Fiona blows most if not all police procedural protagonists out of the water. The first two are traditionally published and priced to match, but he published the third himself.

  2. Hello, Joseph. You know me from ThePassiveVoice as antares.

    Shooting blind here 'cause I don't know your likes.

    Thomas Fleming, Beat the Last Drum
    Was $2.99. Now $9.99. Still good value.

    C S Forester The Age of Fighting Sail
    The title is a misnomer. The title should be 'A History of the Naval War of 1812'.

    Ian Toll, Six Frigates
    As good a history of the early US Navy as you will find.
    Speaking of dead bodies . . .

    I did it.

    My word count yesterday: 4,540.

    I will not do that today. Today I plan to kick back and admire the accomplishment. That will absorb a few minutes. Then I will pick apart the accomplishment and figure out what components made it happen so I can do it again.

    Now that I know I can do it, it is just a matter of turning that output into a daily habit.

    1. Bam! That's awesome. I hit 3000 the other day and thought I was the god of writing. It felt great!

      I'm definitely liking the looks of Six Frigates and Fight Sail. I'm thinking of basing the fleet fighting in my upcoming Space Opera on pre-carrier fights. How many guns, how fast, how much armor, engagement angles, etc...the ironclad era and WWI era are probably my best bet for a good combat model, as there isn't much wind and tide in space. :-)

  3. With everything happening on in my life lately, I've been going with 'fun'. Diana Rowland's White Trash Zombie series.

    1. I totally have it bought, just need to do the reading part. :-)


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