Friday, October 30, 2015

Two Books On Writing I Really Liked

I'm hardly an expert, but these two books really made sense to me.

First is Syd Field's book Screenplay: The Foundations of Screen Writing. Its strength is in how it goes over the structure of a story, explaining the different parts. There are other books that came later, like Save the Cat, but I still like Syd's book more. It's broader.

The other book I really like is Writing Into the Dark by Dean Wesley Smith. He goes into how to write a book without doing a bunch of outlining, how over planning can ruin the fun of writing. It's great.

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  1. DWS's "Writing into the Dark" was a godsend for me. I got Syd Field's story structure from Larry Brooks's web site, It was a revelation at the time, and I've actually written a book using that framework and populating it, then writing to those markers. Worked out okay.


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