Friday, December 11, 2015

4000 Words

That's my daily writing record. 4000 words. That's about 16 pages or so.

I set this record yesterday writing Marathon #2: Bay City Defenders.

It's a real productivity break through for me. My daily record prior to that was just above 2000 words, or 8 pages.

I know that I probably shouldn't obsess over my writing speed, but hey, I'm a numbers guy. I like to see my productivity stack up. I don't fool myself into thinking I'll ever write that one big novel that nets me millions. I do, however, entertain illusions of writing a ton of books that make me a little bit each month.

Now I need to work on putting big days back to back to back. I'm trying for 10k words this weekend. Friday through Sunday. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Batman v. Superman Trailer 2 WARNING

Best not to watch the new Batman v. Superman trailer if you are pumped to see it.

The new trailer ruins the 3rd act payoff.

They did this for the last 2 Terminator movies as well. Lame.