Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Moral High Ground is finally out. Yay!

Yay! I finally finished another book. This one took me forever. Over 6 months, and it's not even that long. Only 100 pages or so.

It's a space adventure. It has sword fights and space battles and bar brawls. The best book I've ever written. So if you liked any of my other stuff you'll like this one even more.


Friday, February 26, 2016

Miss Marathon #2: Bay City Defenders

Alright people! My second book is now up on Amazon. I'm pretty pumped about it. This one is a lot better than my first book, if I don't say so myself.

This one has more aliens, more space battles, and the introduction of our first villain. The dastardly Black Brewskie!

It's a ton of fun, I hope you like it.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Miss Marathon: Earth's First Superhero

Yay, my first book just went live on Amazon!

It's a superhero tale, the origin story of Maggie Cole and her pet submarine, Patty. It's got aliens and armored troopers, space battles and fistfights and there's a very poorly written love story.

So basically it's everything to everyone, anything to all people.

The sequel will be out soon, about a week. When I get it done I'll be redoing a bit of my blog to list my books on the right...or something. We'll see what my technical skills can achieve.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Deadpool Delivers

Dude! I love it when a movie delivers this hard. I went to a midnight showing. Picture me sitting there in the theater at a sneak preview with a bunch of teenagers* like a dirty old man laughing my ass off. Some of the teens were shocked by a few things, things I won't spoil, but I wasn't. I'm a hardened schlock fan and I devoured every minute of this movie.

Easily the best movie of the year, even though the year just started. This would have made my top 5 of last year too.

Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are done so well I want to have a whole movie with just them. I CAN'T WAIT until this version of NTW gets her own comic. You know it'll happen!

I hugely (yuuugely) recommend this movie for any comic book or action movie fan. It's not much of a sci/fi piece, is somewhat of a romance piece, but mostly it's a straight forward superhero flick doused in spicy R-rated awesome sauce.

*They probably weren't teens. If you are under 25 you might as well be 12 to me. That's how old people get I guess, first sign of senility.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Deadpool Funny

I love this.


Watching this documentary. It's about how the cattle industry and animal agriculture drives a lot of enviro devastation. 

Farm peeps know that agriculture is what eradicates habitat, that much is obvious. Not a lot of native species living in a watermelon field, that's for sure. 

Did you know that just cow farts by themselves outrank car emissions as the driver of greenhouse gases? Not even mentioning messed up water run off and all of that, which kills fish. Also the fishing industry...the hell? They kill more pounds of sharks and whales and turtles and shit that people don't eat than they kill pounds of edible fish. Seriously. So says this documentary. That's pretty messed up.

Too many goddamn people. 

When Issac Newton was alive there were around 600 million people on the planet. I always think about that number because for some reason I think of human progress and brain power being related to population. Year 1700, huge advances in science, huge push for intellectualism. Art, literature. A golden age. With less than 1/10th the population we have now.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Kingsmen?
So apparently they are making a movie out of the spoof/satire Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Am I the only one that thinks Colin Firth could, and should, play Mr. Darcy here? He can totally kill zombies. Easy. And it's believable some young society lady would see his huge estate and fall in love with his money.

That's what happens in Pride and Prejudice right? Elizabeth sees his estate and suddenly Mr. Darcy is marriage material? He was always marriage material, obviously, but Elizabeth needs to see the estate first to be persuaded.

That's how I read it anyway. :-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Party Time!

I'm currently celebrating the 7th anniversary of my 30th birthday. It might seem sad to some but I'm celebrating alone with an expensive barley wine and my kitty. I'll check out some TV shows I've been neglecting. Like Super Girl and The Expanse.

Since I'm a big fatty I've not been drinking for the last few months, it's sad because I love good beer. I go to specialty stores and look for things I've never had before.

After some TV and some barley wine I'll be plugging into my writing and laying down some story pipe. Or maybe I'll drink too much and watch Star Trek reruns...or that. :-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Putin's Werebears

Credit to whoever made this photoshop

Every 4 years in the United States of America a new president is inaugurated. The old president, no matter how beloved or hated, is tossed aside in favor a new leader.

Obama had been president through 8 rough years. Political infighting, economic collapse, the drug war, the terror war, he was done with it. Free to walk away. Just one last meeting before he caught a plane to Hawaii for a much needed break.

Thank God. I'm exhausted.

Obama walked through the maze of basements and subbasements of the Pentagon to his final debrief, escorted by a secret security officer he'd never seen before. Probably one of the new crew brought in by the new president.

He entered a small conference room he'd never seen before, but no matter. There were probably hundreds of conference rooms he'd never seen in this sprawling fortress.

Let's just get this over with.

His escort closed the door as Obama sat at the head of the table. He looked from person to person at the table, four people. He was expecting to see the usual top brass of the US military and Homeland Security. But no, he didn't recognize anyone. At least not at first. Not until the first one spoke.

"President Obama, welcome. I am President Lincoln. These are my fellow presidents Teddy, George and Sam Jackson. We need a favor."

Obama froze, stunned, unsure of what to do.

Lincoln continued, "We need you to kill Vladimir Putin."


Vladimir Putin walked the wooded trails near Noril'sk, deep in Northern Siberia. Even with snow shoes he could barely make headway. He was fit, perhaps the fittest leader in all the world, but this trek was dangerous. With temperatures far below freezing and failing light, if he did not find his quarry soon he'd have to turn back.

He'd make it though, he was confident. Unlike some countries you don't rise to leadership in Russia by being weak and incompetent, like those two faced Americans.

Eight years of Barack Obama and his talk of change. Nothing. No change. The world's climate continued to heat up. Northern Siberia, once a frozen paradise of peace and tranquility, was melting.

The West had been unable to force Russia to kneel through war, propaganda and economic coercion. So they adopted a new strategy. Pollution. A devious and slow strategy, death by a thousand cuts. A scheme that would rob Russia of it's greatest strategic asset. The fearsome Russian Winter.

Thus far Putin had refrained from turning to the darkest arcana in his rule over Russia. It had not been needed. More mundane techniques like intimidation, assassination and invasion had so far worked well. Armies and diplomatic bluster had proven impotent. It was time for something drastic.

In centuries past whenever the great motherland was under threat the Winter would be its savior. Invoked by Tsars of old and once even by Stalin himself, the armies of Germany and France could attest to its power throughout the ages.

Historians would call it good fortune, a turn of the weather that saved the Motherland. Putin knew the truth.

He crested a hill through the driving snow and saw it through the trees. The clearing he'd been looking for. As he approached he saw a dark figure in the snow. It rose up on it's hind legs when it saw him.

It was the Great Bear, creature of myth and legend, in the flesh.

"You dare to summon me, human? There are no great armies at your doorstep. I am not a power to invoke lightly, at your whim." Her massive voice echoed over the wind, amplified and carried by the trees and blowing snow.

Putin knelt before her and looked up, "Great protector, in ages past your winter has saved us but now we need something different. Our enemies have a new way to attack us. Surely you have felt the warmth destroying your beautiful tundra."

"I have. It is the most insidious of magicks. Your failure to combat this scourge has been noted." The Great Bear paused here, shifting her weight toward him. Putin feared his failures put his life at risk, that the Great Bear was deciding how best to kill him.

Putin did not flee. He might die here in the snow, die for his incompetence in dealing with America and her lap dogs, but he'd not die fleeing like a coward.

"Putin. You need agents. Powerful. Covert. A secret army powered by Winter's magic. Beasts that pass for man. This I can give to you."

On the edge of the clearing, in all directions, the blowing snow began to swirl into shapes. Shadows at first, Putin could barely make them out, but then they became more tangible. Large beasts, half again taller than himself, half man and half bear. Dozens of them, too many to easily count.

As they made their way toward Putin they began to shrink. They lost their hair and claws, walked in a more upright fashion. They became men. At least a hundred large men standing naked in the snow, surrounding him.

The Great Bear began to evaporate, blowing away with the wind, her voice echoed in the clearing, as if sounding from everywhere at once, "Take these, Putin, my children. They are yours. Defeat the American scourge."