Sunday, March 4, 2018

My Oscar Picks 2018

Well, I can't pick Logan or Blade runner, they weren't nominated, so my pick for best picture of the year is I, Tonya.

It won't win, it's too fun. Oscar likes boring and overwrought. I'm not sure which movie fits the bill this year but 3 Billboards was probably boring enough with a lame enough ending to win. I kid, it was good, but you know the Oscar voters have particular tastes.

For best actor I have no preference, but I'd like to see Sally Hawkins win for Best Actress. Honestly though, anyone but Ronan or Streep and I'll be happy. They are well respected actresses but this wasn't Streep's year. And Ladybird, with Ronan, was the only movie this year that the performances annoyed me.

For supporting actor I'm pulling for Christopher Plummer, just because of the whole Kevin Spacey situation.

Allison Janney for best supporting actress. She was great as the mother in I, Tonya.

For best screenplay, let's call it 'best story' overall, I'll go with The Big Sick.

The technical awards, I don't know much about them. But Blade Runner was the best looking movie this year so I hope it wins stuff.