Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Royal Rumble is This Weekend

Becky. The Man. Most 'over' wrassler in the US right now.
As you might know, the winner of this weekend's Rumble gets their choice of a title shot at Wrestlemania.

I'm hoping Lynch wins the Smackdown Women's Title from Asuka, then enters the rumble later in the evening, wins that too, and then demands a shot at Rhonda's Raw Women's Title.

So at Wrestlemania it'll be Becky Lynch v. Ronda for the unified Women's strap. That would be the main event. The first time ladies have ever main evented at Wrestlemania. They deserve it too, none of this double standard shit, it's the hottest rivalry right now and the two hottest stars.

If not, then we'll likely get a 3 way with Ronda, Flair and Lynch for the main event. With Ronda's title on the line. This would probably be better, because any match with Flair is a classic right now. Ronda and Lynch are good but in ring there's nothing better than Flair. There are some people in Japan, like Omega and Ibushi (Golden Lovers), and maybe Pentagon out of Mexico, but in the US scene it's Flair at the top of the mountain.

It's strange to think those 3 ladies are more over than, say, Lesnar versus Braun Strowman but that's the reality.

They also got a guy out with leukemia right now, Roman Reigns. He has a high chance of living, he's been in treatment for like 6 months. When he comes back, or even steps out onto the deck, he'll be the most over guy evar.

It's because people hated him. Boo'd him for no reason. He was the good guy pushed by the company, but he was legit the best performer. But people in the last few years are disgruntled, boo happy. They don't want to get behind anyone. They want to be contrarian. The late 90's was that way, that's how we got Stone Cold. The anti-hero.

I think if Roman came back though, the guilt of having boo'd him could drive a pure baby face run the likes of which we've never seen.

Wrestling, Jan through April, is the best of times. If you never watch wrestling, or never know where to start, start with The Royal Rumble and watch through Wrestlemania. That's the height of the wrestling 'season'.