Thursday, June 6, 2019

X-Men: Dark Phoenix - Quick Review

Another Dark Phoenix Movie

I'm off to bed but thought I'd leave a quick review here. The latest X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, was a bit of a dud. Not the worst movie ever, just kinda blah. Some movies feel insulting, or piss you off, this one doesn't really. It's just blah.

For big supers fans, I know you'll watch it anyway. For others, this one is easily skippable.

The 3rd X-Men film, also featuring Dark Phoenix, was better.

Also, what's with every big CGI film being set in the dark? Is that easier? Cheaper? Godzilla was that way too. So much darkness.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Godzilla King of Monsters (2019) - Review

Yay Big Monsters!

So I just got back from the latest Godzilla flick and I must say I had a really good time.


There are people in this movie and I guess they did a good job, I dunno, in a Godzilla flick I'm looking for monster action not human drama. So this movie did not disappoint.

Freaking King Gidora wakes up and summons Rhodan and a bunch of other monsters, but mostly Rhodan. So Godzilla shows up to regulate that nonesense and gets his butt kicked. Of course. You always gotta lose the first fight so you can come back for the rematch.

The rematch is in New York and it's Gidora/Rhodan versus Godzilla/Mothra. Yeah. Mothra is in it. Sweet.

Mothra whips Rhodan's ass, but is beat to crap. Godzilla loses to King Gidora until 'Zilla gets all pissed and goes nuclear. Firing off bursts of radiation that fry King Gidora.

Boom. Godzilla wins and all the other monsters come to kneel at his feet.

Add in a whole bunch of blatant King Kong v. Godzilla teasing and that's the movie. Plus some people talk and stuff.

I highly recommend this for any giant monster fan, any sci/fi action person, but honestly you know who Godzilla is and if you liked any of his past movies then this one will hold up well for you.

Fun note: I walked in slightly late, the previews were over and just as I step into the theater the Godzilla roar is playing over the speakers to open the movie. Sweet.