Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Caves and Candles

I've been mostly spending time this summer writing a table top RPG. I'm calling it Caves and Candles, for now. 

There are a couple of cool concepts that make my game unique:
-Simpler than D&D 5e, skewing younger and good for new people.
-2D6 based, with extra dice for advantage, traits, etc...
-Ability scores that make more sense, but aren't totally foreign to people familiar with other TTRPG systems. 
-A die drop dungeon creation system, for creating dungeons in real time, allowing more freedom for your characters to go off the rails as they please. 
-Roll up a beastman, void beast, or great fiend in real time as well. 

Oh, and my most difficult bit, 36 COMPLETE character classes, plus a classless 'Adventurer' as the default option to maintain simplicity. 

EDIT: And how could I forget my unarmed, arena, professional wrestling based combat extension!!!