Sunday, March 4, 2018

My Oscar Picks 2018

Well, I can't pick Logan or Blade runner, they weren't nominated, so my pick for best picture of the year is I, Tonya.

It won't win, it's too fun. Oscar likes boring and overwrought. I'm not sure which movie fits the bill this year but 3 Billboards was probably boring enough with a lame enough ending to win. I kid, it was good, but you know the Oscar voters have particular tastes.

For best actor I have no preference, but I'd like to see Sally Hawkins win for Best Actress. Honestly though, anyone but Ronan or Streep and I'll be happy. They are well respected actresses but this wasn't Streep's year. And Ladybird, with Ronan, was the only movie this year that the performances annoyed me.

For supporting actor I'm pulling for Christopher Plummer, just because of the whole Kevin Spacey situation.

Allison Janney for best supporting actress. She was great as the mother in I, Tonya.

For best screenplay, let's call it 'best story' overall, I'll go with The Big Sick.

The technical awards, I don't know much about them. But Blade Runner was the best looking movie this year so I hope it wins stuff.

Monday, February 26, 2018

WolfCop - Review

This poster pretty much sums it up.

Trouble sleeping tonight, figured I'd watch something mind numbing and dumb. Well, here it is, the perfect movie for this situation. WolfCop.

It's all about exactly what you think it's all about. There's a cop. He turns into a wolf. There's some gore, some banging of hot chicks, tons of humor, all the schlock one could want.

I recommend this movie to anyone into "so good it's bad" types of horror comedy. There's a sequel out recently, Another WolfCop. I'll be watching that one soon I'm sure.

For writers, I'm not sure there's much to learn here. How to be over the top and still be good? If you are putting together a horror/comedy project, especially something graphical like a movie or comic book, you might check this out. It's a good example of how to go full cheese mode and be entertaining without crossing too far into cringe territory and ruining the fun.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

50 Shades Free - Movie

Don't do it bro! Don't do it!

So my little buddy Lacey and I went to go see this thrilling tale of love and banging. I was bored of my hermetic existence, she has been locked in new born baby land for months, so going to the theater to see this was just what we needed.

I can't recommend this movie for everyone, but if you know anything about the series you know exactly what to expect, and this movie delivers on that.

We had fun mocking all the musical montages, it's like dance music but a bit too slow played over slow camera pans and little life vignettes. Hilarious. There were a few sex scenes, a couple action scenes, and a TON of people trying their best to pretend to be interested in acting in this movie.

Good times. Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, January 12, 2018

The High Crusade by Poul Anderson

Sweet Old Timey Cover

I just read Poul Anderson's 1960 novel, The High Crusade. It was a solid science fiction read. Lots of battles and flitting around in space ships.

What impressed me was the different way it was written. The POV is a character in the story, but also the chronicler. So the story is told as if being told orally some years later by a guy who was there, filling in portions that he wasn't present for but subsequently heard about. Some of the telling is of the 'from a mile up' variety, not so much deep in POV but rather a summary of events.

It's an interesting style and it fits the elements of the story well, since it's about a group of crusaders from Medieval England being whisked away on a galaxy spanning crusade.

Another interesting thing about the book, and I'm not sure if this was in the original edition or not, is that there's a prologue story largely disconnected from the rest of the book. A side quest at the end. Was the book too short? It needed some padding? I dunno. It's a strange choice though. [EDIT: I looked it up, yes, The Quest at the end of The High Crusade was a stand alone short story in the same universe, it was appended to the end of my edition of the book. Cool!]

I'd recommend this book to any fan of sci/fi, especially if you are into that classic high adventure style 1960's sci/fi was known for.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Favorite Films of 2017

I watch a lot of movies. Probably too many. Here are some that I liked this year, this is not an exhaustive list, there could be some I'm not remembering, but here are six that I recommend.

1. I, Tonya: For us Oregon white trash she's a hero. This movie does her justice.
2. Get Out: Horror thriller with a wacky racial overtone. High recommend.
3. Logan: Best supers movie of the year. High drama, not as much bubblegum as other supers movies this year.
4. Wind River: Brutal. Brutal serious. Brutally violent. Trigger warnings all over.
5. Colossal: Featuring a burnout, female adult child, learning to grow up. With Kaiju. Very cool.
6. Blade Runner: Maybe a bit slow, but there's some great sci/fi here. You don't need non-stop action for an SF/F movie to be great.

There were also a bunch of fun action hero movies this year. Thor, Guardians, Wonder Woman and Bright. Bright is a bit controversial maybe, the critics panned it, but I liked it.

What movies did you like? Did I miss anything?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Poor Lonely Sith

I have no friends. So lonely.

Sith are always so needy.

"Please join me! Please! You'll love it. The dark side is the best. I promise."

So yeah, I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It was a lot of fun. I won't review it, you are going to see it anyway and I don't want to spoil anything.

I ran into a dude I originally met last time I was at a sneak preview. It was cool. I chatted him up pretty hard. Small town. He was a younger guy, dabbling with being a writer.

So it was a good night. I recommend going to see Star Wars and chatting up a stranger.