Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Batman v. Superman Trailer 2 WARNING

Best not to watch the new Batman v. Superman trailer if you are pumped to see it.

The new trailer ruins the 3rd act payoff.

They did this for the last 2 Terminator movies as well. Lame.


  1. *sigh* It's like no one understands marketing and promotion any more.

    1. Yeah. You didn't watch it did you?

      You might as well not even watch the movie after seeing that trailer.

      I'm hoping it's a ruse though. Like maybe what they showed isn't the climax?

      I'm not watching any more trailers for movies I already know I'm going to see. Deadpool. Suicide Squad. X-Men...I'm going to avoid them.

      Lol. When I go to Star Wars they'll probably ruin Deadpool in the opening trailers or something. :-/


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