Saturday, January 23, 2016


Watching this documentary. It's about how the cattle industry and animal agriculture drives a lot of enviro devastation. 

Farm peeps know that agriculture is what eradicates habitat, that much is obvious. Not a lot of native species living in a watermelon field, that's for sure. 

Did you know that just cow farts by themselves outrank car emissions as the driver of greenhouse gases? Not even mentioning messed up water run off and all of that, which kills fish. Also the fishing industry...the hell? They kill more pounds of sharks and whales and turtles and shit that people don't eat than they kill pounds of edible fish. Seriously. So says this documentary. That's pretty messed up.

Too many goddamn people. 

When Issac Newton was alive there were around 600 million people on the planet. I always think about that number because for some reason I think of human progress and brain power being related to population. Year 1700, huge advances in science, huge push for intellectualism. Art, literature. A golden age. With less than 1/10th the population we have now.

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