Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead

So I'm sitting in my little trailer in the woods, all alone. I'm watching Fear The Walking Dead. It's freaking me out.

Back when I lived in Oregon I lived in a basement. With a huge solid door and another door easy to hide. Plus a hidden trap door. The basement was full of machetes and hammers and what not. The perfect spot to live out the zombie apocalypse.

Now I'm in a lonely trailer in the woods. No zombie defense at all. Sitting in the dark gripping my machete and freaking out.

It doesn't help when your kitty comes running through in the dark chasing god knows what.

Bad kitty!


  1. Cats can see things we can't, Joseph.

    Just sayin'...

  2. Damn, I figured that living in the woods, you would have a bunker, canned goods, a semi-automatic and plenty of ammo. :-)

    1. That's funny. Yeah. I used to when I lived out in the desert. I had an underground fortification system, hidden doors and trap doors, water flow from a hidden well and enough ammo to be classified as an armory.

      Now it's just me, my kitties and my shotgun in a trailer in the woods. I do have hatchets, machetes and bludgeons in every room


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